Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host (FAO 2001).
AAT has extensive expertise in the human probiotic field and can assist in selecting “superior microbial strains” for probiotic applications.
Our scientists can provide thorough investigation of probiotic strains’ metabolic profiling, antibiotic susceptibility/resistance and viability assays. The AAT staff can optimize bacterial preservation strategies to achieve maximum viability and shelf-life of probiotic products.

Basic microbiology

  • Isolation of probiotic strains for human use
  • In vitro evaluation of probiotic properties (resistance to gastric juices, pancreatic secretions, bile salts)
  • Antibiotic susceptibility/resistance profiles and safety evaluation
  • Metabolic requirements
  • Stress response profiling
  • In vitro detection of immune system modulation
  • Probiotic stability evaluation at different storage condition
  • Improvement of technological properties (elevated microbial concentration and log-term stability)
  • Deposit of the strains on International Collections under IDA status

Molecular biology

  • Taxonomical classification of individual strains by PCR-based approaches
  • DNA quantification by real-time PCR
  • Microbial typing by PCR techniques
  • Individual strains detection and identification in commercial products by means of strain-specific techniques