A brand new collaboration for AAT: NABA and Yakult present BACTERIART

A brand new collaboration for AAT on a unique project: NABA and Yakult present AGARART and BACTERIART.

As written by NABA on the official site www.naba.it:
"NABA, in collaboration with Yakult, Japanese Company, leader in the sector of scientific research in the field of probiotics, present BACTERIART, a project that aims at making the invisible, visible, and to make it possible for the students of the BA in Painting and Visual Arts and of the MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies to get inspired by the world of microbes in order to come up with innovative cross-disciplinary projects.

NABA and Yakult collaborative project, launched during October, wants to challenge the creativity of young artists and NABA students by introducing to them the fascinating world of microbiology, Agar Art and BacteriArt.

To enrich the students’ path of scientific and artistic exploration, on November 23th, 25th and 27th Sympoiesis Seminar, the workshop curated by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, took place. The two artists proposed a transdisciplinary approach to art, the result of years of experience as artists and in the educational field at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT, Cambridge.

Through an open and participatory workshop, the seminar was an opportunity for students to reflect on the meaning of common living in the contemporary world from an anti-specist point of view, aimed at learning from other living beings, such as bacteria, the key subject in the path proposed by the BACTERIART project.

The best projects developed by NABA students during the collaboration will be selected by a jury made up of representatives of Yakult and of the Academy, as well as journalists and industry experts, to be awarded during the international conference Bacteria Day."

Our contribution was a project and a lesson on how to use bacterial cultures and chromogenic selective soils to create fanciful designs in agar.

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