AAT is a university spin off of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, created to promote innovation and research on functional foods and nutraceuticals. Our services for the world of food supplements offer ISO 17025: 2018 quality standard, with accredited methods or any type of customized analytical approach. In support of clinical trials we are at your side in every phase: from design to reporting. Explore our services.

Food supplements

AAT laboratory is accredited in compliance with the requirements of the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 standard.

Compliance to this standard means having the technical competence to carry out the analyzes and a quality management system essential to ensure the correctness of the analytical data. Our goal is to combine quality requirements to the greatest possible flexibility in meeting customer requests, merging academic preparation with process management with company timescales.

11 September 2018

Microbiology: accredited or customized methods?

Thanks to 20 years of experience in the field of applied microbiology, we can support our customers in the analysis of their probiotic-based products in every step of the supply chain, from the production of the raw material to the evaluation of the shelf-life of the finished product.
11 September 2018

Stability tests and method validation

Shelf-life duration and maintenance of the viability of bacteria within a probiotic product are key factors for its marketing.
11 September 2018

Ideation and patenting of analytical methods

Our team will support you in the development of new analytical methods aimed at quantifying the target species or strains. From this extremely stimulating applied research, thanks to our decades of experience in microbiology, studies with a very interesting scientific and commercial impact can result.

Clinical studies on drugs and food supplements

Our laboratory has the competence and structure to analytically support studies made in animal or human models, on drugs, food supplements or functional foods.

Pharmaceutical, food and food supplement companies have turned to us for a scientific validation of their products or to prove CAUSE-EFFECT relationship between the intake of a product / drug and the impact it has on consumer health. We are able to manage any type of biological sample and support you in every step of the clinical study.

19 February 2024
metodo quantificazione batteri

Quantification of inactivated bacteria, now is available

11 September 2018

Clinical trials: from protocol setup to scientific publication

Clinical trial design is obviously at the basis of the value of the results and the consequent return on investment in terms of image and product support.
11 September 2018

Biostatistics of complex communities

Clinical studies, biological samples in general, can generate hundreds of thousands of information which, without good statistical processing, do not lead to a readable result.
11 September 2018

Immunology, Clinics and Microbes: the best mix

The study of complex communities opens very different scenarios: of competition among bacterial populations, effects on the host, inhibition of drug efficacy, interactions with patient's clinical situation.