R&D is a keypoint for us to offer highly customized services and to further expand our internal bacterial collection. Our R&D team is able to satisfy the most diversified requests from the customer:

  • fermentation and bioavailability tests of raw materials,
  • quantification of anti-nutrients,
  • characterization of new bacterial strains
...and everything else that can serve to differentiate the product on the market.

Finished product or proprietary strain?

To make the difference in the world of probiotic products, the perfect knowledge of the potential of your strains and products is essential. This can be accomplished by investing in finished products or on proprietary stocks that can mark the difference towards competitors. AAT provides fully characterized probiotic strains, for their functional and technological features.

10 June 2020

Projects on finished products

Do you want to develop a new finished product or differentiate a product already on the market?
11 September 2018
bacterial community

Customized strains

Depending on customer's needs and the final applications, matrices from which a new probiotic can be isolated can also include complex and highly diversified raw materials or products
11 September 2018
culture collection

AAT bacterial collection

Over the years in the probiotic sector, our scientists have isolated and progressively expanded AAT's own bacterial collection, which today has more than 150 strains.