In vitro models

10 June 2020


What impact does your product have onintestinal inflammation? Thanks to our experience in the field, we have developed a biomarkers package to...
11 September 2018

Adhesion tests

The ability to adhere to target tissues is very important for probiotics, as this allows them to exercise their metabolic effects in the area of interest by carrying out their proper functions.
11 September 2018

Gene expression studies

Our gene expression tests aim to verify the indirect impact of bacteria, food supplements or cosmetic ingredients through the stimulation / shutdown of specific pathways...
11 September 2018

Pathogen displacement

The application of a probiotic in a district can pass through its ability to remove a pathogenic bacteria from its adhesion site and replace it.
11 September 2018

Inflammatory response models

The correlation between inflammatory state and different pathologies is wellknown, as well as the possibility of combining conventional therapies with the use of probiotic bacteria...
11 September 2018

Citotoxicity tests

Our models to evaluate cell viability, metabolic activity, epithelial damage, stimulation or inhibition of specific markers are specifically...