bacterial community

Human feces consist of undigested food residues and a great variety of bacteria. SEM shows a very large proportion of the bacteria and, thus, a high health hazard that the bacteria may contaminate food sources if hygienic rules are not adhered to, particu

Depending on customer's needs and the final applications, matrices from which a new probiotic can be isolated can also include complex and highly diversified raw materials or products.

Identification of the suitable matrix

The isolation of new bacteria can come from the most diverse matrices, just as the application of the same strain can then find its optimal expression in completely different matrices.

Basic probiotic and safety characterization

Tests of resistance to gastric and pancreatic juice, resistance to contact with bile salts, evaluation of strain's safety and, where required, complete sequencing of the genome of the strain.

Growth performance and technological development

Step 1

Test on different media and matrices with the aim of highlighting the best strain performance and dominant physiological characteristics.

Step 2

Batch fermentation on a laboratory scale of 5 liters and subsequent scaling up to 15 liters

Step 3

Lyophilization of fermentation product and matrices under different conditions

Step 4

Verification of the shelf - life of the prototype in a climatic chamber