Ideation and patenting of analytical methods

Available analytical methods fail to precisely quantify one or more strains in your product? Our team will support you in the development of new analytical methods aimed at quantifying the target species or strains. From this extremely stimulating applied research, thanks to our decades of experience in microbiology, studies with a very interesting scientific and commercial impact can result. Our patent on the medium for Lactobacillus plantarum count or the accredited methods for quantifying the adhesive capacity of bacterial strains on human cell lines are an example.

Make ideas concrete, make needs satisfied

Customer satisfaction is for us the priority and we always try to achieve it at its best, mixing cutting-edge skills, experience, new ideas and the search for practical and efficient implementation.

In order to distinguish one bacterial strain among the others, a thorough knowledge of the physiology of the strain itself or of the species to which it belongs and of its peculiarities is indispensable. Only in this way, it will be possible to achieve the objective of its precise quantification.

The study of the physiological characteristics of the species together with our team's experience in basic microbiology led to the patenting of a medium for the quantification of Lactobacillus plantarum, which is now perfectly distinguishable even in complex bacterial mixtures.