How to prepare your samples

Use of sterile containers for sampling

Only for bulk products*. The sample should be delivered in sterile containers in PET or PE of adequate format, equipped with cap and suitably identified. IPure strains shall be delivered as lyophilized powder or deep agar slant.

* Bulk product means: raw material powder, finished products not yet prepared in the box for sale, tablets or capsules not packed (no blister), etc...

Amount of samples required for the analysis

(based on the type of formulation)

Capsule = 2 g
Powder = 20 g
Vial with cap shearer = 2 g
Tablets = 2 o 20 g
Oil emulsion = 2 g
Gelatin capsule = 2 g
Soft gelatin capsules = 2 g
Yoghurt (fermented milk) = 20 g
Deep agar slant = 1 tube
Lyophilized pure strain = 5 g

Temperature of the sample delivered to the laboratory

The customer shall inform the Laboratory in case of samples requiring controlled trasport conditions. The sample transported under refrigeration must adhere to delivery temperature in the range between 2 and 8 ° C. The laboratory checks, at the delivery of the sample, the compliance with the aforementioned temperature range.