Which impact my product will exert on the target?


Need for simple and reliable non-invasive biomarkers to assess the impact of probiotics on gut microbiota and human intestinal functions. We know that feces contain a lot of relevant metabolites coming the activity of resident microbes, of human gut cells as well as of food and food supplements. The ability to measure these metabolites provide a reliable and non-invasive opportunity to study their dynamic in humans fecal samples.


How I can assess the impact of my probiotic strain on human health?


Facebac® package assures the determination of microbial and human biomarkers on fecal samples. ELISA kits, RT-PCR, chemical and physical analyses allow to provide very useful informations of the healthy status of fecal samples. These data can be coupled with NGS data on gut microbiota as well as on immune profiling or any other relevant information.